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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 25, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> yeah, unfortunately we have a fatal accident now. we're going to start off "kcbs traffic" with this accident reported at 2:30 this morning. fremont avenue at da coto road involving a car and motorcycle. the motorcyclist has been pronounced death. we'll have more on how it's affecting traffic coming up. >> storm clouds headed our way. no rain yet but that will change. we'll talk about that coming up. 4:30 now. developing news in washington state at this hour, 14 people are confirmed dead dozens remain missing after that massive mud slide in a rural area just north of seattle. cbs reporter bigad shaban tells us the exact number of missing is uncertain. >> reporter: search teams in washington state are using
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canoes and hovercraft to look for people in mud 40 feet deep in some places. officials are trying to determine how many people are missing following the deadly mud slides. they are working off a list of 176 people that could include duplicates. >> they are not individuals that are deceased. they are not individuals that are injured. they are not individuals that are missing. they are 176 reports. >> reporter: on monday, members of one crew along the western edge of the slide area were forced to retreat fearing more mud slides. others in the area are on standby to help find their friends. >> their grandparents, they're great grandparents and the whole family so you do have a certain amount of attachment. >> reporter: president obama has declared an emergency in the state ordering federal aid to help the struggling community. authorities believe recent heavy rainfall here in the area made the ground unstable and caused saturday's mud slide in the rural area of oso,
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washington, north of seattle. hope for rescuing additional survivors appears to be fading. >> until that point that we need to stop, we're going to keep going. >> reporter: for now, the search is still in the rescue phase. bigad shaban, cbs news, arlington, washington. >> the mud slide destroyed at least 30 homes, blocked a road and more flooding likely in the same area since rain is in the forecast throughout the week. palo alto police surrounded a home for hours hoping to catch two men trying to rob it but at the end officers came up empty-handed. a woman with her baby came home last night around 6:30 to find the back door forced open. she immediately got out and called 911. live surveillance video through a smartphone showed two men inside but after five hours officers determined the suspects had gotten away. lawns of dozens of homes in san jose are going brown but it has nothing to do with the drought. as betty yu explains, it's the work of vandals and it's a
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story you'll only see here on kpix 5. >> reporter: you can't miss these bizarre stretches and patches of dead grass on nearly every lawn or moreland way. >> it's a phenomenon. we don't know what it is or the chemical. >> reporter: they call it lawn tagging. vandals have poisoned more than 20 lawns on the street. jim recently put in a new lawn and was getting ready to sell his home. now he is putting in money into $1,000 cash reward to catch the bad guys. >> for a while there, i had the best looking front because i had all the new flowers. it looked good. but the lawn was beautiful but now it's -- it's terrible. >> reporter: a few houses down, tony is looking at $5,000 worth of damage. >> violated, you know? you try really hard to do what you can, you know, mowing the lawns and doing all this stuff. and when it gets damaged like that for no reason -- >> reporter: tony and neighbors filed police reports. he put up new motion sensor lights and has surveillance
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cameras but hasn't come across any suspicious activity. >> we want it to stop. the people here take a lot of pride in their homes. it's a big street. it's quiet. >> reporter: the neighbors aren't staying quiet about it any longer. the neighborhood association put up flyers on the block and created an email for anonymous tips. >> i'm not sure if they have something against the street or maybe they lived here. >> or they're just doing it for kicks. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> people who live in the neighborhood say for the last 40 years they have never seen anything like this. the rolling green hills and poppy fields on mount diablo can be deceiving. we have learned the area is running dry. the drought has led to some strict water restrictions. campground showers are turned off and so are most faucets and many bathrooms are locked up replaced with porta-potties. the park's water supply depends on rainfall. it's gotten just 8" so far this year compared with the usual 20 or more. it's about to get a little bit more in the next few days,
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right? >> i think maybe between now and sunday, up to 3" of rain across some of the higher peaks. it's a quiet start to the morning. the rain located just a little bit to the north. you can see on our satellite and radar, you can see showers moving into far northern california. so far, we are just seeing some increasing clouds but we remain dry. let's check out your hi-def doppler radar this morning and indeed we are seeing some of those showers but they are staying off the coastline right now. you can see some of that activity just a little bit further to the north. so it will be a while before it gets here but a little later on this morning the rain will pick up in the north bay spreading south. temperatures now, 37 in santa rosa. 50 in san jose. 53 in san francisco. this afternoon, should be a wet afternoon. the temperatures are going to be much cooler today. 50s near the coastline, maybe some mid-60s in some of the warmer spots. let's check on the roads with liza battalones. >> reporter: in fremont, the police department is investigating a fatal accident that happened overnight
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involving a car and a motorcyclist. fremont avenue at dacoto road is shut down because of the accident. the motorcyclist unfortunately was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver of the car has been arrested and the police department believes that alcohol is a factor with this accident. again expect this closure for several hours. it is expected to be shut down until 8 a.m. take thornton or alvarado niles as an alternate. we'll let you know when they re- open the intersection. metering lights are off on the bay bridge. traffic continues light across the bridge heading into the city. san mateo bridge, no major construction so all lanes are open in both directions of 92. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." back to you. questions are being raised about the teardown of a 9.4 million bike path connector on
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the new bay bridge that was only used for 7 months. caltrans is taking it down at the entrance to the eastern span. they say the $9.4 million connector was just temporary until demo crews could remove the old bridge. why not just delay the opening of the bike path in the first place? our phil matier put that question to caltrans. >> reporter: why did we spend that money just to tear it down? >> the thought was that the bike path is an integral part of the design of the new bridge and there was high demand for this. >> this is a thing we had to do in order to open it for everybody. we knew it would cost money. we knew it was temporary. it was really just about making it open for everyone. it was about doing it all at one time. >> in the end the cost of that temporary entrance came to about $47,000 a day. african-americans make up 28% of oakland's population but they are stopped and searched by police more than any other race. that data from last year was released by the opd itself. it shows 62% of african-
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americans were stopped and searched. only a small number were pulled over for actual traffic violations. the department released those numbers as part of a settlement following a police brutality scandal more than a decade ago. a shoving match between a protestor and uc professor has led to charges being filed. [ yelling ] >> don't touch me! >> i don't care! >> that altercation happened at the ucsb hallway on march 4. the professor of feminist studies took a sign away from an anti-abortion protestor and destroyed it. the professor says she was offended by the graphic images. she will be in court next week on misdemeanor theft, battery and vandalism charges. valero wants to bring some of the dirtiest most dangerous crude oil to benicia by rail. the refinery kept that information quiet for more than a year. they faced tough questions from kpix 5's christin ayers.
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>> reporter: before a packed crowd in benicia representatives from oil giant valero admitted this publicly for the first time. >> crude oil that's derived from tar sands may be april candidate if it fits our profile. >> reporter: the new project that valero is pitching will very likely roll canadian tar sands, some of the dirtiest crude oil out there, through benicia and to its refinery. and that's not all. are we talking about bakken being transported as well through benicia? >> if bakken crude is one of the crews that's available by rail, it's possible that it could make its way to our plant. >> reporter: he is talking about highly explosive fracked north dakota bakken crude oil the kind that killed 47 people in quebec last summer. 50 trains could snake through this area. 70,000 barrels a day. and people who live here worry it's a recipe for disaster. >> bakken crude from north
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dakota has been involved in five catastrophic train derailments across the country and in canada. >> reporter: and scientists say canadian tar sands crude brings its own set of problems. >> when you start to refine those heavier dirtier crude oils all that pollution comes out into the communities. >> reporter: a derailment could mean a catastrophic spill or fire one that state legislators agreed just last week first responders are not prepared for. legislators determined that incident command is not prepared to handle a major disaster. what do you say to that? >> well, our local teams and the railroads and our local community is clearly capable of responding to an incident that happens. >> reporter: valero insisted their project will create jobs, 120 temporary construction positions and 20 permanent ones but some residents believe the trade-off isn't worth it. >> we have no guarantee of the safety that will be provided. >> reporter: christin ayers,
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kpix 5. >> valero also defended railcars called dot-111. they are supposed to make transporting crude oil safer but those cars didn't farewell in quebec last july in the derailment. some of the cars exploded killing 47 people in a small town. a train hit and killed a 16- year-old boy north of sacramento seconds after he saved his girlfriend. the two were on their way to a school dance friday in marysville. witnesses say they were walking on the tracks, train came barreling down on them while their backs were turned to the train. at the last month he pushed the girl off the tracks. the train grazed her and she should be okay. cord police are searching for thieves who broke into a market over the weekend and got away with the store's atm machine. it happened sunday morning at the farm bureau market. store surveillance video captured the thieves loading the machine into a van. the owner says about $600 was inside. just getting started here
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on this tuesday. 4:41. families of the missing malaysia airlines flight 370 are looking for answers. the key evidence on the ocean floor. >> a woman's nightmare got worse. ,,,, [♪]
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the u-s coast guard hopes to re-open the houston shipping ch some developing news out of texas. the u.s. coast guard hopes to re-open that houston shipping
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channel later today three days after that big oil spill. a barge collided with a ship on saturday dumped about 170,000 gallons of heavy oil into the water. officials believe most of the oil is drifting out of the channel into the gulf of mexico lessening the impact on birds. it's one of the busiest seaports in the country. the families of flight 370 passengers are devastated and demanding more answers after learning the missing plane may have crashed into the indian ocean. [ screaming ] >> yesterday the malaysian prime minister announced that satellite data shows the plane went down in the indian ocean and no one survived. some relatives were so upset, they had to be taken out on stretchers. [ screaming ] >> the search is on for the plane or any debris from the crash but as susan mcginnis reports, time is running out for searchers looking to solve the mystery. >> reporter: relatives of passengers on board flight 370
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are angry planning protests and threatening hunger strikes, this after their worst fears were confirmed. [ screaming ] >> reporter: malaysia's prime minister announced monday that more satellite analysis has led investigators to conclude the plane did indeed crash in the southern indian ocean with no survivors. >> my heart breaks to think history unimaginable pain of the families. >> reporter: for searchers, it's now a race against the clock to find the black boxes to help them solve the mystery of how and why the plane went down. the boxes emit signals from 30 and possibly up to 45 days after a crash. adverse weather shut down today's search. when it resumes, searchers will focus on a area pinpointed as the plane's last position in the ocean a spot where debris
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has been spotted. >> we have not found any debris. >> we are not searching for the needle in the haystack. we are trying to define the haystack. >> reporter: the search is daunting. susan mcginnis cbs news. >> malaysia airlines is making plans to fly families to australia once the wreckage is found. at the supreme court justices will look into whether corporations have religious rights that exempt them from providing birth control to their employees. a new healthcare law requires companies to provide that service. the panel has never before ruled that profit-making businesses have religious rights but the companies that will argue before the court today say they should be protected under the 1993 religious freedom law. it is 4:46 right now. we have some changes in store in our forecast, right? >> yeah. we have the doppler out again today getting ready to go and probably going to be using it all week long as we have some unsettled weather coming back to the bay area after some very nice spring sunshine yesterday. the clouds are rolling in and we have a chance of showers on the way. you can see on our hi-def
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doppler most of that moisture is still off the coastline but there's a chance that's going to be moving in later on in the morning hours in the north bay, then in the middle of the day in the afternoon. i think a better chance of rain around the rest of the bay area. so with that in mind, out the door grab your umbrella. you'll probably need it at some point especially in the afternoon as that rain will spread to the south and then more rain a real possibility as we look toward the weekend. so things going to be unsettled as high pressure begins to kick to the east that frontal system beginning to make it its to the coastline line. rain coming from the north to the south throughout the day. traveling today a completely different story as compared to yesterday. chance of rain developing around much of the state. snow in the high country and winter storm warnings going up in the high country too looking at one to two feet of snow there. the snow level dropping to about 5500 feet so a lot of snow coming in their direction. likes like the showers will be developing toward 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon. you see the system rolling on through not the strongest one we have ever seen but it will
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open up the door into more rain moving our way tomorrow, not today. even a chance of more showers on thursday. more rainfall coming up and much cooler temperatures, 50s at the coast, 60s inside the bay and the valleys. over the next couple of days that unsettled weather pattern continuing maybe even some thunderstorms late tonight into wednesday and then chance of more rain as we head towards saturday. let's check the roads now with liza battalones. >> we're going to start "kcbs traffic" once again in fremont where the police department is continuing its investigation into this overnight fatal accident involving a car and a motorcycle. the bike rider pronounced dead at the scene. fremont avenue at decoto road. the intersection will be shut down until 8:00 this morning. take thornton or alvarado niles as alternates. you can see this closure is just east of 880. all lanes of the freeway remain open. you can see all the green
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there. so 880 is moving at the speed limit. the altamont pass so far is looking okay. no big delays as of yet leaving the 205 interchange. if you plan on making the san jose commute just keep in mind that caltrans is out there once again this morning only for the next 10 minutes or so. the northbound 17 connector ramp to northbound 280 is closed and they have detuesday in place until 5:00 this morning. now, the bay bridge commute still free and clear no delays at the toll plaza there. all the other bridges are moving well including highway 92 where we don't have any roadwork and traffic is fine in bode directions. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." guys? >> you it, liza. a woman -- thank you, liza. a woman fell asleep on a train yard and woke up in a train yard on tailor street in san jose. as kpix 5's andria borba tells us, there appeared to be no way to get out. >> reporter: for 23-year-old jessica method, caltrain is her preferred form of
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transportation. >> i can rest or relax. >> reporter: a couple of fridays ago the professor's assistant at stanford got a little too relaxed falling asleep after dinner with friends. her stop is usually the end of the line, the san jose diridon station. >> i woke up and i was on the train and there was nobody on the train and then i realized that i was in the train yard. >> reporter: it was 12:30 in the morning. her cell phone was dead and the train yard is more than a little creepy. so she began yelling. but that didn't work. >> i broke the glass of the emergency stop functions and fire to sound an alarm. no alarm sounded. >> reporter: finally she made it into the conductor's car which should have been locked. >> i was able to get on the radio and call for help. >> reporter: the first thing caltrain workers said, not sorry. but asked if she was drunk. eventually she got a ride to diridon and put this on
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facebook. caltrain officials did apologize but jessica wants to make sure they are checking the cars more thoroughly at the end of the day and puts in a safeguard so others don't get stranded after a nap. >> there is no way to alert anyone except yelling. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> caltrain says it has disciplined the employee who forgot to check the cars. >> also for leaving the conductor's cabin unlocked even though it was the only way she was able to get out. 4:51 on your tuesday. the driver of this derailed chicago train slept at the wheel but that's just the beginning of the concerns for the investigators. the scarier issue they may have uncovered. ♪[ music ] >> look at him go. you can't help but watch this routine over and over coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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big change in the weather. temperatures noticeably cooler 50s at the coastline, some rain developing especially as we head in towards the middle of the day and the afternoon. south bay temperatures only going to be in the 60s where we had a lot of 70s there yesterday and some showers showing up there in the latter part of the day. as you head to the east bay,
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we'll see cooler temperatures about 65 in milpitas, 64 some showers in livermore this afternoon. 62 danville and walnut creek. in the north bay the rain will be picking up a little bit later on this morning. and with that, we're expecting some cooler weather, as well. 61 clearlake 61 san rafael. san francisco rain and 61 degrees. expect fremont boulevard to be shut down in both directions approaching decoto road. the police department is out there investigating this morning's fatal accident. it is expected to be shut down until 8 a.m. i'll have alternates and the complete look at "kcbs traffic" still ahead. federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused a commuter train to jump the tracks at o'hare international airport in chicago. a it derailed around 3 a.m. yesterday crossing a platform and hitting an escalator. 30 people were hurt. the train operator admits she fell asleep before the crash. but that doesn't explain why other safety devices failed
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including metal bars that are supposed to rise up when a train is coming in too fast. and new this morning, a group of men that showed just how easy it was to bypass security at the new world trade center in new york city, they have been arrested. on september 30th, three men got on top of the building in the middle of the night and then parachuted down to a car waiting for them. you're looking at video taken by the daredevils. the jumpers and the driver all arrested yesterday after a six- month investigation. their lawyers say the men actually showed a major vulnerability in security at the new tower. >> this is one of the first things my clients said to me was that how surprised he was at how there was no security whatsoever, how easy it was to just walk right up there, something that the mayor has just recently described as the number one terrorist target in the world. >> since that incident, a teenager crawled in through a hole in a fence and then climbed up to that same tower
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then took pictures. that happened just last week. okay. favorite story of the morning. who would have thought a guy playing a cowbell would become an overnight sensation? >> he has a serious case of march madness. check him out. ♪[ music ] >> he's pretty good. >> alex chang playing the cowbell for the stanford marching band yesterday. a cool little move there. alex is an engineering student from los altos. what do you think? would you play the cowbell? >> i think he is a serious coffee drinker. >> i think so, too. >> maybe a little. >> all right. and ecigarettes could soon be banned here in santa clara county. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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the street turns into a river overnight after a taxi hits a fire hydrant in the tenderloin. the tower of water as high as 60 feet. >> just a phenomenon. we don't know what it is or, you know, what kind of chemical they're using. >> lawns in one san jose neighborhood are turning brown. homeowners say vandals are poisoning their grass and they call it lawn tagging. >> until that point that we feel we need to just stop, we're going to keep going. >> rescue crews worked through the night again searching for any survivors after a deadly mud slide in washington state. >> nasty weather has suspended the search for the missing malaysia airliner in the southern indian ocean. malaysia's prime minister says new satellite data led them to conclude that flight 370 crashed in the indian ocean off australia. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is
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linda macdonald. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00. time for a little weather. and get ready for the rain. >> don't think it will mess in the commute too much this morning. we have clouds moving in most of that rainfall located in far northern california right now. but looks like it is heading south throughout the day today. so yeah, be prepared. likely going to see some rain a little bit later on. our hi-def doppler radar is showing you some of that moisture just off the coastline. some of that going to start to slide in toward ukiah in the next couple of hours so starting out in the north bay in the morning and pressing around the rest of the bay area this afternoon. so out the door this morning, overlooking san jose not too bad. a little cool in spots. 37 degrees right now in santa rosa. 47 in san jose. and 51 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, we are going to see some showers outside, wet, cooler in the area, 40s at the coastline, 60s in the bay and the valleys. good morning, everybody. we are going to start off once again in the fremont area where the intersection of fremont boulevard at decoto road


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